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a week of delays travel could be opened back up for sfo >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> and good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. it's saturday july 13th. >> we go straight to rosemary to take a look at how the weekend is shaping up. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we have another comfortable day in store for most of us. we remain parked with high pressure to the east and a low parked over the coastline. the ridge will pull this way just a little bit. that will lead to a few degrees of warming for the inland areas especially for the afternoon. this morning we are starting out with some low clouds and it's a cool start. we will look at the current conditions and the afternoon highs. >> police are investigating a deadly attack at a san francisco gold and jewelry store. alex savage joins us live from the scene with the dramatic ending that led to the suspect's arrest. >> reporter: and this morning police aren't say figure this was a robbery that ended violently or a personal dispute but the two women were found dead i
students here for summer camp. erica. >> all right, john yang outside sfo for us. john, thanks. >> more than 182 people were transported to hospitals. some remain in critical condition this morning. miguel almaguer is covering that part of the story for us. he's at san francisco general hospital now, the trauma center there. miguel, good morning. >> lester, good morning. of those 182 victims, many were brought to about a dozen bay area hoptds. the vast majority were brought here to san francisco general hospital. some 53 patients made their way through the front doors here. about half of them were actually small children. today, we know at least six remain in critical condition including one child who was in critical condition. so many folks were being brought here in four different waves separated by about an hour apart. that was a similar scene we saw at hospitals all across the bay area. of course the bay area's home to several trauma centers so they were certainly in good hands. some injuries include broken bones, burns, some other passengers just suffered some scratches and bruises
, another incident involving a passenger plane at sfo. passengers were evacuated off of a flight from san francisco to cincinnati last night after a tug crashed into the plane on the tarmac. delta flight 2396 was ready to take off at 11:15 and passengers felt a jolt. the pilots inspected the damage and evacuated passengers. some passengers said they were thinking about crash of asiana flight 214 on saturday. delta put passengers on another plane that took after at 1:00 o'clock a.m. and that plane is expected to land in cincinnati at 6:00 a.m. >> now the asiana flight 214 crash at sfo. federal investigators are looking at merckal malfunction to human error after extensive interviews with the pilots. amy? >> we are at holiday inn where the ntsb chairman wil
appeared to be a fire at the site of the asiana wreckage at sfo. firefighters arriving on the scene. thick smoke could be seen. abc7 news is told it was not a heavy, just heavy smoke caused by metal friction as crews cut the plane into smaller pieces. the runway is set to reopen on sunday. >>> here's leyla with a check on the morning commute. >> all right, eric. 101 back to normal making the drive out of mill valley into sausalito all due to an earlier accident. as we take a look at ace train, the number 3 train is still delayed about ten minutes from fremont to san jose. eric? >> thank you very m >>> welcome back. temperatures in the 50s this morning, most of us gray except for the east bay and the south bay, the valleys there. temperatures are going to be around 4 to 10 degrees cooler because of the cloud cover. ♪ >>> look at that crowd at central park. the rain held off. for now. they don't care. they're here to see one republic. they waited all night long to see this. and our party bus here in times square, all ready to roll, as well. the bus has to come back and pick up some more. a
right there at sfo. >> actually at the airport? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> hi, we're just at the san francisco airport, and our airplane just crashed upon landing. and i think you need to come here as soon as possible. there's a bunch of fire trucks and a couple ambulances, one or two, but there's a lot of people hurt and on the ground, and we probably need people. >> hi, we are at the san francisco international airport and we were just in a plane crash and there are a lot of people that need help. is there any way that an ambulance can be set. >> are you with a lot of the ambulances that are there? >> no, they are not. we have people over here who weren't found, and they're burned really badly. we just got in a plane crash, and there are a bunch of people who still need help and there's not enough medics out here that need help. there is a woman out here on the street, on the runway who is pretty much burned very severely on the head and we don't know what to do. >> okay, we do have help started that way. you say that they're there but there's not enough people correct? >> yes, she
there are at sfo. >>> we have the latest otters a heinz kerry. >>> we do have a new tropical storm to talk b about. i will fill you in on all of the details,. >>> you know who has a greatgret assignment is our girl lindsay murphy with the redskins neww training camp. >> reporter: sue, it's soe, its good to hear from you. coming up in sports, the washington castles ar castles ad for a redskins, and they openedd up their training facility in richmond. you won't believe what they hav to say about rgiii. that is as the news sports su at 6:00.   cast l  >>> scare of state john kerry's' wife is improving. teresa kerry suffered a medicall emergency on the island of nantucket. we are live with the latest. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry is at bostonon remaining at his wife's side since she became ill yesterday.t a spokesman for the secretary se releasing a statement after conducting tests overnight anden this morning, doctors at massachusetts general hospital has upgraded mrs.kerry's condition, from critical to stable. it'
. did not fly into sfo. >> probably wise. >> seoul first and then go to san francisco. >> stephanie: now arriving gate nine, gate ten gate 12. >> a lot of the passengers had road rash from being dragged. >> the whole tail fell off. >> apparently the tail hit like the wall along the ocean and broke off. >> stephanie: yikes. >> the good news was it was easy to get out from that part. [ buzzer ] >> i've heard this morning that the inflatable slides deployed inside the plane and trapped the flight attendants underneath them. a lot of things went wrong with this flight. >> stephanie: happy 4th of july everybody. seven minutes after the hour. big show as usual today. rude pundit, eric boehlert and current tv's jacki schechner. i don't know how we got that booking. i hung out with her half the weekend. i worked her over. lots of healthcare news and other news. where do we start here? by the way here's what i spent part of my 4th of july doing is playing playing with siri. >> drinking? >> you don't have any other friends? >> stephanie: other than jacki, no. >> siri is her only friend. >> stephan
sfo is the approach is a fairly complicated approach. the crew would have been fatigued. they would have been coming to a relatively long day and the pilot is given visual flight rules. there is visibility in excess of five miles. but most pilots make these approaches with semi or fully automated systems. so the crew will have been fairly tired. the approach because the threshold is protruding out into the sea. the captain won't have good visual references in the right-hand seat. we know the weather wasn't particularly good and there was a glassy surface on the sea. i think it information is telling us the approach was quite complicated. gregg: thank you very much, michael. heather: moment after the plane crash landed the pilot radioed to the tower for help. it's difficult to unwhat he's saying but his voice is strangely calm given the chaos on board. >> emergency vehicles are responding. gregg: the ntsb saying 7 seconds out the crew asked to increase its air speed. it says the plane came in well below the approach speed of 137 knots that crew members talked about. 4 seconds out the
of flight 214 at sfo. they released them to come in and start clearing debris. crews removed several large pieces from the runway including part of an engine. ntsb plans a news conference this afternoon. leyla gullin with the commute. >> the road is blocked due to an overturned truck. there is a party trapped and reportedly unresponsive. this crash involving a motorcycle was cleared. down to 25 miles per hour, down to 10 miles per hour with back-up extending out. >>> good morning. here is a look at our current conditions. most of us in the 50s with cloudy conditions, a little warmer at 60. two hour 40 minute arrival delays in sfo. about the same as it should be in the east bay, everybody else 3 to 10 degrees cooler. this cooler than average weather hangs around to tomorrow. >>> where is she right now? >> she's in the house. and i'm downstairs in the basement. >> has she threatened you with that gun? >> yes. >> that's former mets pitcher kris benson. he is in the process of divorce. she breaks into the house with a buff let -- bullet proof vest with a gun. we have more on this story. >> it'
to -- i spoke to a pilot yesterday who lands here weekly at sfo on that exact runway and said that plane should have been at least # 50 to 100 feet higher at the point of impact. we do also expect to hear from first responders today. there have been all sorts of reports how many showed up. they had no warning either this was happening. passenger high school no warning. really this was going on only in the cockpit. the first responders came out to respond to a report of a hard landing. they had no idea it was actually a crash landing and the stories of throwing exacto knives to cut out some of the passengers from the seatbelts. we'll hear from more of them today. you may have heard this over the weekend that one of the fire trucks may have run over one of the two victims. that is still being talked about. they may address that today as well. so there are a number of things we should learn today. this investigation continues to go forward and sfo does say they are starting to get back to normal here, even though that runway does remain closed. back to you. >> steve: adam housley live at sa
are not alarmed that a veteran captain was making his first landing attempt at sfo at 777. >> no one is going to walk into a cockpit with 100 landings under their belt. they have to get experience. >> reporter: re tired united captain ross aimer teaches new pilot if the approach isn't perfect, abort the landing attempt. >> decisive. be decisive. if you think you're too high or too slow, do something immediately. >> reporter: the president and ceo of asiana arrived to a media frenzy in san francisco, promising full cooperation with the investigation. meanwhile the only crew memberer to speak to korean media, flight attendant, le, worked frantically to free passengers and other crew members trapped inside the plane. >> translator: actually i was not thinking but acts. as soon as i heard emergency escape i conducted the evacuation. >> reporter: two teenage girls died, pun possibly hit by an arriving emergency vehicle pfr of the more than 180 injured, 26 remain hospitalized, six in critical condition including one child. a tea kwando team described the aftermath. >> when i came down the chute i l
speed had fallen. the wreckage of asiana flight 214 still sits on runway 28 left at sfo. passengers and crews on arriving and departing flights get an up-close look at the disaster, including passengers on other asiana flights. we now know, pilot lee kong-kook was in the co pilot seat. that instructor has told investigators, the plane at first was coming in too high, and not properly lined up for landing. >> the instructor captain stated that they were trying to make corrections during that portion of the flight between 500 feet and 200 feet to make some lateral corrections, and also because they knew that they were low on the glide slope. >> reporter: the question, did the crew become distracted, trying to get lined up on the runway, first too high and then too low. the instructor says when they noticed the auto throttles were not maintaining a minimum speed, it was too late. they crashed seconds later. we've also learned that two flight attendants who were in the rear of the plane were ejected on impact. both survived, though injured. meanwhile, these photos have got airline safet
. >> and you can fly into specific airports like sfo on the simulator air. >> was in training the this account saying the mystery deepens, how is the pilot flying misjudged their approach so seriously. the details imply a serious lack of airmanship. that's what it seems like. >> my first thought is fatigue because they're flying in from seoul. they should have a backup crew. >> how long is that flight. >> it's pretty long. >> i'll google that. a distress of a stick shaker warning. the stick shakes. >> on a plane like that, it's a warning on a plane like that. >> it's also the name of a wreck and effects song. a zoom zoom, zoom, shake your stick. >> and also a warning when porn filming has gone awry. you're coming in too low. >> you're about to lose altitude. >> going in too slow. that's when the i airplane itself senses it's on the brink of a dynamic stall. when the altitude provokes a stick a shake the idea is to put the nose down and reach speed as quickly as possible. and it was too late, and it seems it would go without saying. >> i thought of wind shear which is what happened in texas all
landing at sfo, particularly many can youing across water and over the sea wall. >> when you look at those combination of factors in this particular airport, what strikes you as you see the video? >> what strikes me as i see the video is that seven seconds before impact, they knew they were low and slow. they were going too slow, under the recommended guidelines for the speed of the plane, and they were way too low what's called the glide path. at that time, had they done something, they would have had a chance. when they tried to do evasive maneuvers or give themselves more time at 1.5 seconds, it was too late. there was no time. >> do you know if they had been on autopilot, it would have been easier? >> it would have because autopilot corrects those features, putting in, in layman's terms, your air speed, throttle, altitude. if they needed additional air speed or altitude while on autopilot, it would have corrected it kicked in the power they needed, it would have helped. >> what they called at the last second a fly around, would that have been possible at that point? is >> at that point
the pilots face as they try to land at sfo. >>> another big story, grammy winning star randy travis fighting for his life this morning in critical condition at a texas hospital. natalie has more than that. >> good morning. the 54-year-old was rushed to the emergency room on sunday. he is suffering from a recently acquired viral infection affecting his heart. new concerns for randy travis, one of country music's most beloved voices in critical condition this morning recooperating from serious heart trouble. it's the latest in a string of disturbing episodes for the one time super star. >> have you had anything to drink today, sir. >> yes, sir i have. >> travis was arrested for public intoxication in february 2012 after being found in a parked car in possession of a wine bottle and no identification. >> you're going to go to jail for public intoxication. >> six months later he was found lying in the road naked and legally intoxicated after a one car accident. he pleaded guilty to assaulting his arresting officer and was given a suspended jail sentence. >> i'm glad it's behind me. i'm looking f
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)